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"How Do You Deal With Burnout?" (2/21/20)

It’s an apt question I’ve seen floating around in certain circles. Anyone can run into the problem, of course. Overwork is overwork and getting overwhelmed by something done consistently can certainly happen in any endeavor. I’m not sure I’m the best person to speak…

The Disconnect in Discussion of Anime

Guess you’re getting two posts today. Rejoice.

Where Do You Like To Read Your Web Novels?

The question just kind of occurred to me while thinking about how I was planning to launch our projects.

The Second Annual WordPress Anime Awards Have Arrived! — KAWAIIPAPERPANDAS

Making sure this makes the rounds on both my sites, just in case. Go check out the original post on the second annual WordPress Anime Awards! Hello and welcome to the second annual WordPress Anime Awards! An awards ceremony created by fans for fans!…

How Far Ahead Do You Plan?

I’ve always been a planner. When it comes to things I’m passionate about, planning is my bread and butter. But what about you?