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Revealing The EXTRACURRICULAR Logo! – Writer’s Journal

Kept ya waiting long enough, haven’t I?

Writer’s Journal – That’s Four Books Down, Five To Go!

We did a thing! We did a thing!

Writer’s Journal – I’m Alive! Somehow!

Not gonna lie. This past weekend’s been pretty crap for productivity.

Writer’s Journal – Nearing the Starting Line

I’ve been quiet the past couple days. A couple reasons for that. So let’s review!

Writer’s Journal – Whoops

Ah. I forgot yesterday’s. My mistake.

Writer’s Journal – Finally, Progress

Had to take off yesterday for a few reasons, but I’m back with a bit to report!

Writer’s Journal – Meeting Day!

Today was pretty eventful. Not so much in writing, but in other areas, both related and unrelated. So let’s review.

Writer’s Journal – A Long Day, A Long Video

All right. Let’s see what I managed to get done today.

Writer’s Journal – The Marathon Edit

Fret not, Best Boi is coming soon to a YouTube channel near you.

Writer’s Journal – Inaugural post

‘Bout time I figured out how to manage posts here with some regularity. So let’s do that, yeah?