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Writing update (6/15/2020)

Back to the grind.

Writing Update (6/14/2020)

Why not? Let’s check in on our progress, so far, shall we?

“Why do you write mostly female characters?” …I’unno.

No, seriously. Not a clue.

Time for a Writing Progress Report

I’ve been wanting to try handling these writing updates as bulk posts about multiple projects, rather than separating them. So I’ll do a trial here. See how it works out.

Slowly, But Surely, I’m Figuring Out PROJECT ACADEMIA’s Themes

This is kind of a PROJECT ACADEMIA update? But also kind of a general writing blog post. Whatevs.

Where Do You Like To Read Your Web Novels?

The question just kind of occurred to me while thinking about how I was planning to launch our projects.

Burning Sky Uprising: A Templar Story

The time has finally come for the first foray into the world of Burning Sky. Welcome to Gaea – a world in which conflict between the human Creeds and a race of supernatural beings called Djinn has escalated to all-out war. This is your introduction to The Uprising – the 20-year war.

Getting to Know: Voyager

Oy. I never know how to handle these. All right, here goes. But let me be clear. This is not my professional bio. That would be HERE, if you were more interested in it. Now then…

Welcome to the Blog!

And so begins a new venture.